Authors                 Year of
TitleTarget Journal1999 Impact Factor (IF)Chance of Acceptance (P)Expected Utility
= IF * P / Order
NAActon, G. S., &
Schroeder, D. H.
2001Sensory discrimination as related to general intelligenceIntelligence1.4100%NA
NAActon, G. S.,
Prochaska, J. J.,
Kaplan, A. S.,
Small, T., &
Hall, S. M.
2001Depression and stages of change for smoking in psychiatric outpatientsAddictive Behaviors1.0100%NA
NAActon, G. S.2002Classification of psychopathology: Goals and methods in an empirical approachTheory & Psychology0.7100%NA
NAActon, G. S.1998Classification of psychopathology: The nature of languageThe Journal of Mind and Behavior0.3100%NA
October 2001Acton, G. S.2002Measurement of impulsivity in a hierarchical model of global personality traits: Implications for substance useSubstance Use & Misuse0.595%0.48
August 2001Acton, G. S., &
Revelle, W.
2003Circumplex structure in interpersonal personality measures: Testing five instruments using new criteriaJournal of Personality Assessment1.475%1.05
November 2001Acton, G. S., &
Revelle, W.
2003Evaluation of ten circumplex criteriaJournal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics0.515%0.08
January 2002Acton, G. S.,
Wilson, M.,
Kunz, J. D.,
Delucchi, K. L., &
Hall, S. M.
2003Demoralization as a predictor of smoking treatment outcomePsychological Assessment1.940%0.76




Authors            Year of
TitleTarget JournalImpact Factor (IF)Probability of Acceptance (P)Expected Utility
= IF * P / Order
April 2002Acton, G. S.,
Tsoh, J. Y., &
Hall, S. M.
2004Nicotine dependence: A study of varying criteria using item response theoryDrug and Alcohol Dependence2.075%1.50
July 2002Hall, S. M.,
Eng, C.,
Dowling, G.,
Schmitt, E.,
Acton, G. S., &
Humfleet, G. L.
2004Depression and smoking in the frail elderlyAmerican Journal of Psychiatry6.340%0.50
December 2002Cooper, M. L.,
Collins, N. L., &
Acton, G. S.
2004[Something about attachment styles and alcohol use]Journal of Personality and Social Psychology2.765%0.58
January 2003Acton, G. S., &
Cooper, M. L.
2004Theories of personality in relation to substance usePersonality and Social Psychology Review~1.865%1.17
January 2004Acton, G. S., &
Schroeder, D. H.
2005Is fluid intelligence distinct from general intelligence?Intelligence1.465%0.91
January 2005Acton, G. S.2006The interpersonal principle of complementarity: A meta-analysisPsychological Bulletin7.830%2.34


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