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<center><h1>G. Scott Acton</h1></center>

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Graduate student in <a href=>Personality</a><br>
<a href=>Department of Psychology</a><br>
<a href=>Northwestern University</a><br>
2029 Sheridan Road<br>
Evanston, Illinois, USA 60208

Telephone: (847) 467-1273<br>
Fax: (847) 491-7859<br>
Office: 222 Cresap Hall<br>
E-mail: <a href=""></a>

<center><h2><a href=acton/vita.html>Curriculum Vita</a></h2></center>
<center><h2><a href=acton/research.html>Research Interests</a></h2></center>
<center><h2><a href=acton/teaching.html>Teaching Interests</a></h2></center>
<center><h2><a href=acton/personal.html>Personal Information</a></h2></center>


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