The reading list for this course comprises major articles and/or chapters that fall within the scope of each research program covered. An attempt has been made to choose a balanced set of readings for each theory, rather than presenting readings exclusively that are "for" or "against" a theory. With one exception, you will find only articles and chapters but no books in the reading list. This represents an attempt to provide breadth of coverage while remaining sensitive to students' time constraints. However, many excellent books have been published on the topics covered, and you can access these by using the psychology database at the library or by looking in the references sections of the assigned readings.

The readings under each heading come under one of two subheadings: Required Readings, and Additional Recommended Readings. The Required Readings are necessary material in order to keep up and actively participate in the course. The Additional Recommended Readings are just that--suggestions for those who are truly interested and want to delve deeper. The articles and chapters within each research program are listed in the order in which the instructor thinks you should read them. All of the articles and chapters in the reading list are interesting and are well worth your time to read. Copies of all of the readings are on reserve in the library.

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