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Readme for analog3.0

Starting to use analog on a Mac

When you download the Mac version of analog, it should unpack itself. (If it doesn't, you might have to run StuffIt Expander on it). You should then find in the analog directory a configuration file called analog.cfg and the analog application itself, as well as the Readme, the Licence (which you must read and agree to before using analog) and a couple of other files. When you double-click on the analog icon, it will run in its own window, and produce an output file called Report.html.
You can configure analog by putting commands in the configuration file, analog.cfg. One command you will need straight away is
LOGFILE logfilename    # to set where your logfile lives
The logfile must live on your local disk -- analog doesn't fetch it from across the network. There's a sample logfile supplied with the program.

There's a list of basic commands later in the Readme. Also there are a few to get you started in the configuration file already, but there are lots of others available. You can read about all the commands in the section on customising analog.

Another way to start analog is to drag a logfile onto the analog icon, in which case analog will try to analyse it, or drag a configuration file onto the icon, in which case analog will use the commands in that configuration file. (Analog detects whether it's a configuration file or a logfile by whether it starts with a # or not.) This enables you to create different reports without having two copies of the application.

One note: on other platforms, there is another way to give options, via command line arguments. You'll see these mentioned in this Readme from time to time, but the Mac doesn't have a command line, so ignore these.

If you want to compile your own version of analog (it's written in C), or just to read the source code, it's available from the analog home page. (It's the same source code for all versions).

Stephen Turner
E-mail: sret1@cam.ac.uk

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